Sung Jin never compromises over quality. Sung Jin’s experienced employees make a full effort to find the best way for production.

Reasonable Price

Sung Jin offers a very reasonable price by a flexible management of stock of materials and a practical way of production.

Experience & Customers

Sung Jin has run the business munufacturing and exporting great quality caps for over 20 years. As we greatfully have 20-year customers, Sung Jin and our production system are trusted.

Research & Innovation

Sung Jin continuosly carries on research for new materials and ways for an innovated production. We develop new kinds of fabric and material to provide customers with various options and inspiration for new designs.


Sung Jin’s 20-year know-how and newly updated technology facilitate your design. 


Sung Jin provides customers on time when customers need without waste of time, manufacturing with plenty of experience and know-how.

We make high quality headwears that boost your brand

Sung Jin always makes an effort until our products is trusted and respected around the world. Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest quality products with reasonable prices on time they need.

All Features


We believe no one is perfect as individuals, and a great idea comes from a team communication.


We treat our customers with a genuine heart as if it belongs to my family.


We stay closely connected to our customers by understanding their deepest needs and desires.


We challenge to find a new innovative design, material and way of production to compete among the worldwide headwear manufacturers.

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